Selasa, 23 November 2010

Ready for Speed, Sound And Style

 Ready for Speed, Sound And Style

On the exterior where in this area that looks most striking. Agency originally black car is washed down with orange paint Spies Hecker output that was already famous for the color of the car business...

Then body made from fiber added in front look more Dower. Body grown not only on the front only, rear is also covered body with rally car model. Then the engine section hoodnya also subject to impact and worked with custom models of color fiber. Material alone is not enough to show the impression of racing that was carried, for that body is enlivened with black and white stripping model Wien's work of cutting sticker sticker is stuck on the left and the right body. Not only that, let me further add to the impression that there is in riding aerodynamic, carbon-based ducktail follow-up also planted roof luggage and accessories backed horse racing front section, starting from the head lamp, grill until the wipers are all custom made so it does not leave the impression that responsibility Modification .Furthermore, in pairs based Mitsubishi 4G63T engine capable of lifting power up to 176hp. Playing in area exterior and big HP engine power is not complete if it does not change the legs. Finally sokbreker standard disabled and replaced with a model of brand Tein adjustable. The legs look more fitting in pairs with a white rim output crossbar five K-Speed 19 "thin profile tires wrapped in Toyo Proxes output.

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