Rabu, 24 November 2010

Night Hawk Motorized

  Night Hawk Motorized

Admitted only as a modifier of the spin-off focusing on open door system, open system consequently modified with the original door on the fourth door motorized system controlled remote control...

The front door was changed into a system with a motorized scissor door while the door of the back transformed into the sliding doors (sliding), which was also aided by a motorized device that can open it with a very smooth movement (Smooth) with the help of compressors.Sections are also made more sporty exterior with reinforced custom application engine hood made of carbon kevlar. The legs are also sweetened EXE Pegasus 18''alloy wheels wrapped in Toyo racing tires. For the Interior also made more memorable to align sporty exterior design exploration that has been made. Section Racing seats replaced with leather-clad model color dual tone silver and black.Not missed fusion car audio systems sector also experienced a reshuffle, so the car has a comprehensive modification. Direct stuffing multimedia head unit AVT IM-998TN forwarded with the use of 3 way speaker system with a minimalist and neat placement.

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