Rabu, 24 November 2010

"Minimalist makeup"

Minimalist makeup

Style Modification Amendment dressed exterior is a minimalist but still characterizes an elegant character. Bumper was forced to retired factory default instead applied to the design of custom models add on.

Align the front grill, look like a cool guy who relies on the OEM assembly grill it deems most appropriate. Affirmed elagant concept, tool lights at night time seconded by headlamp HID fog lamp is quite bright with a light-powered V-4500K. Aerodynamic system driven by the stern perching made custom ducktail. Striking changes seen in the legs with 19 inch rim diameter with large cross design. Then the wheels branded Luftbahn Multipiece wrapped round a different brand of rubber between the front and rear. Finished exterior affairs, is now entering the interior modification process, minimalist very strong impression etched in the cabin. Just doing a little be replaced as in any part of door trim, suede plavon nuanced. Then disarm the standard upholstery layers wrapped in leather and stitching the results of MB-Tech. In order to boost the impression given elagant every window curtain that point in addition to repellent sun as well as a means of privatization of the passenger compartment kockpit interior.Transformation the only pedal set is replaced with man-made Type-R. But that makes a unique present in the middle of the steering circle given gem-like granules swaroski decorations that covered the Honda logo.

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